LSU System to cut $21 million from budget

BATON ROUGE—The LSU System on Friday was ordered to slice $21.2 million from it’s current operating budget as part of a $50 million mid-year reduction for higher education statewide.

The cutback, will be taken from the LSU System’s $415 million total of state general fund dollars and is part of an overall $251 million deficit-reduction plan unveiled by the Jindal administration and approved by the Joint Leglslative Committee on the Budget. A campus-by-campus breakdown of the cuts is attached. The reduction amounts to about 5.1 percent of each LSU unit’s budget.

For the Main Campus in Baton Rouge, the reduction will mean a loss of $8.1 million. At the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, $3.8 million must be trimmed. The LSU AgCenter is slated to see its budget reduced by $3.4 million; and at the Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, $2.5 million must be cut.

LSU System President Dr. John Lombardi issued the following statement on the latest round of cutbacks to hit the ten-campus system:

“The institutions of the LSU System genuinely appreciate the administration’s efforts to lessen the impact of budget reductions for higher education and the state’s health care enterprise.

While our institutions have absorbed reductions of approximately $191 million over the past three years, we understand that those cuts, although painful, could have been much deeper and more destructive were it not for the determination of the governor and Legislature to diminish the impact on our faculty, students, staff, and patients.

We all look forward to participating in efforts to rebuild the state’s economy and anticipate that the ongoing progress will make possible significant future investments in higher education and health care.

In the interim, the LSU Institutions will operate effectively, reducing costs where necessary. We know that these reductions, although significantly less than anticipated, will nonetheless require careful management to ensure that LSU’s institutions can continue to provide high quality services to the people of Louisiana.”

Budget reduction plans are due to be submitted to the Louisiana Board of Regents by December 29th.

For further information, contact Charles Zewe, LSU System Vice President for Communication, 225-578-3941,

Breakdown of LSU System Mid-Year Cuts