Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal Travels to University law center

LSU law students will be able to see their future jobs in action today and Thursday when the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal commutes to the Paul M. Hebert Law Center to hold public hearings.

“Attorneys representing clients with appeals pending before the First Circuit will be presenting oral arguments before a three-judge panel comprised of judges John T. Pettigrew, Page McClendon and Jewel E. ‘Duke’ Welch,” according to the First Circuit’s news release.

The proceedings are free and open to the public.

The release said Chief Judge Burrell J. Carter of the First Circuit is also extending an invitation to government, criminal justice and civics classes.

“They do not handpick cases for these days. They just move the court to the law school,” said Susan Kalmbach, administrative counsel for the First Circuit Court. “It is a true picture of what would happen on a regular day at our courthouse.”