LSU System President John Lombardi’s note to LSU Chancellors about Work Group

Dear Colleagues,

The consultant report promoting a merger of LSU-S and Louisiana Tech issued recently represents that a reorganization is likely to place authority for all LSU units on the LSU A&M
campus and consolidate the various units into that campus in Baton Rouge.

As you no doubt know, the Board of Supervisors is in charge of the various units of the LSU System, and the Board has created a Work Group to look at various opportunities for collaboration and reorganization that would enhance the success of the individual units of the LSU System. While there may be ad hoc, self-appointed groups seeking various outcomes (such as the group that financed the study on merging LSU-S and LA-Tech and moving them to the UL System), the LSU Board of Supervisors has authorized its Work Group to conduct an open and broadly consultative process to identify ways of addressing possible benefits of various types of collaboration.

In these discussions, it is important to emphasize the following:

(1) no decision has been made to place the A&M campus in charge of other campuses as was reflected in the widely distributed Carville interview as the position of the Flagship Coalition and is repeated and ascribed to the Flagship Coalition in the Shreveport consultant’s report;

(2) the Board of Supervisors adopted a Work Group on Organization and Collaboration Report (attached) that sets forth an open, transparent, and accountable process that involves input from all constituent groups, especially the faculty and staff;

(3) any decision regarding reorganization rests with the constitutionally- established Board of Supervisors; and

(4) as responsible action and the Ethics Law make very clear “all governmental decisions and policy [shall] be made in the proper channel of the governmental structure.” This applies to all state/LSU employees as well as to others who perform “governmental functions.”

I provide you with this background so that you can help your faculty, staff, students, and other constituencies of your institutions understand how the LSU System and its Board of Supervisors will proceed to address any proposals or other initiatives related to institutional mission and organization of LSU institutions.

Please see that this note and the attached information is distributed to the faculty, staff, and students of your institution.

John V. Lombardi
Attached: Word Group on Organization and Collaboration Report
Cc: Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana State University System

Click here to view the Board Of Supervisors Workgroup Report