LSUHSC campus is now 100% tobacco-free

New Orleans, LA – Advancing the Smoke-Free Buildings policy it implemented in 2007, as of March 1, 2012,  LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, is a tobacco-free campus. Use of any form of tobacco is prohibited on the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans campus both indoors and out. The policy applies to everyone – faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors – and it is in effect 24/7.

“A tobacco-free campus provides a safe, healthful, and comfortable environment consistent with our leadership role in health while contributing to the health of the
LSUHSC family, and patients and visitors alike,” said Dr. Larry Hollier, Chancellor of LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

One of the many benefits of a tobacco-free environment is that this policy supports people in quitting the use of tobacco. LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans will continue to  provide help to break the habit, and the number of people taking advantage of these life-saving resources is on the rise.

“As the landmark research leading to the designation of environmental tobacco smoke as a Class A carcinogen was conducted here at LSU Health Sciences Center by Dr. Elizabeth Fontham, Dean of our School of Public Health, it is appropriate that we do all we can to promote  a healthier learning and working environment,” notes Dr. Larry Hollier.

The year-long planning effort included communication, education, cessation services, and readiness efforts such as placing tobacco-free signage throughout the campus and removing containers which had been used for tobacco trash. The policy is based upon the cooperation of faculty, staff, and students.

“Our tobacco-free campus policy sends a clear message that we are committed to protecting and improving the health of all those we serve,” Dr. Hollier concludes.