LSU System President William Jenkins Named Interim LSU A&M Chancellor

William L. Jenkins

LSU Board of Supervisors Chairman Hank Danos on Friday named Interim LSU System President William Jenkins to additionally serve as Interim Chancellor of LSU A&M.

Jenkins was given the extra duties after LSU Chancellor Mike Martin, who led the Flagship Campus since August 2008, was appointed chancellor of the Colorado State University System.

The Jenkins appointment is subject to full board approval at the board’s scheduled June 8th meeting in Baton Rouge.

Danos acknowledged Martin’s service in leading the Baton Rouge campus during a demanding period in which the university pursued its flagship mission despite diminished financial resources.

The board chairman also thanked Jenkins for agreeing to serve in the dual roles of System President and A&M campus chancellor.

“Dr. Jenkins will provide stability as we move forward and we appreciate Dr. Jenkins’ willingness to serve in both capacities,” Danos said.

At the same time, Danos said the board would continue to evaluate the university system’s organizational and governance structure.  “The decision to have Jenkins serve in both positions does not indicate a decision or preference on potential reorganization,” he said.

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