Jenkins discusses hospital partnership possibility

Partnering with private hospitals to operate the LSU medical centers around the state could be necessary to keep all of them open, says LSU System Interim President William Jenkins.

LSU doesn’t want to close hospitals, he told reporters at the Press Club of Baton Rouge Monday, but with the serious budget problems are making that a possibility if LSU can’t get private hospitals to run the currently state-funded facilities.

With the current state funding situation and future reductions in federal revenues for treating uninsured patients, it’s not easy an easy sell, he said, so other changes have to be made, as well.

“The question is ‘Do we have to manage hospitals?’” Jenkins said. LSU-trained physicians rely on the the state-run hospitals as training grounds but some are practicing medicine in private hospitals, as well.

“Health care in the United States cannot go on as it is today,” Jenkins said. LSU might not close hopspitals but “in the next few years, it has to be different.”