Karam: the face of many

"The questions never change. Just the answers change. If you teach people the answers, then pretty soon the answers will be out of date and they won't have anything."--DR. GEORGE KARAM, director, LSU-IM-BR (Photo By: Marie Constantin)

In a 10-by-10 room without windows, books crowd two shelves, mostly journals of medicine. One also observes an antique apothecary desk and photos of graduating classes in ornate frames hung around his small and neatly cramped office in one of the buildings Dr. George Karam playfully refers to as “two tin cans.”

Most know the tin cans as the Earl K. Long Medical Center, the home away from home for Karam, who oversees the LSU residency program.

Like any proud family man with wall space to spare, Karam has constant reminders of his wife, Mary, and their daughters Susan, Anne, Elizabeth and Claire. All four are grown and in college or beyond. The pictures are various points in their lives.

All those pictures, medical literature and even some other antiques, in the view of the current generation—audio and video cassette tapes—remind one that 23 years have blazed by at EKL as the LSU program has helped to rebuild the image of the proud old hospital on the north edge of Baton Rouge.

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