Karam turns the ‘dysfunction’ of the EKL building into strength

A few years back, a prospective resident for the LSU Internal Medicine Residency in Baton Rouge was a bit perplexed when he pulled up to Earl K. Long Medical Center and saw what he thought were two sizable parking garages.

Turned out those were two of the hospital’s main wings. So when the student sat down with LSU-IMR-BR Director Dr. George Karam, he told him he was a bit underwhelmed at the facility’s appearance.

At least that prospective student showed up.

Karam recalls another resident from Texas who drove to EKL for a morning interview, never got out of his car and called when he was halfway back home to thank Karam for the invitation.

“He told me he didn’t think he could learn what he needed to here,” Karam says with a smile.

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