Former student’s start-up earns $150,000 in 2012

Former University undergraduate Kenny Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Big Fish Presentations. (Photo by Taylor Balkom/LSU Reveille)

In the midst of his senior year at the University, Kenny Nguyen, founder and CEO of Big Fish Presentations, withdrew himself from school on Wednesday to focus all of his energy on his fast-growing college start-up.

“I’m trying to gather myself right now because I’m about to shift my life to full-time this, and I think it’s going to drive our company up a lot,” Nguyen said. “I’m not going to be a student anymore, but I had a lot of good experiences at LSU that helped me out.”

Big Fish, which has been featured in Forbes magazine and named Inc. magazine’s “coolest college start-up,” is a presentation strategy company that serves three purposes: presentation design, presentation consulting and commercial video production, but its tagline is “to sell experiences.”

“The idea came after watching a horrible Fortune 500 executive present at a student organization meeting,” Nguyen said. “I thought to myself, ‘If the world’s largest companies are presenting like this, chances are the biggest new ideas aren’t going to be heard because everyone’s falling asleep.’”

Nguyen and his four-man team at the time started Big Fish in February 2011 and ended their first year with $58,000 in revenue. The company’s current 2012 revenue is $150,000, but Nguyen has slated that number to reach $250,000 by the end of the year.