LSU sees record minority numbers

LSU students attend professor Steve Pomarico's 1201 Biology class, a first-semester class for science majors, on Thursday. Minority and freshman enrollment reached all-time highs this fall. (Advocate staff photo by HEATHER MCCLELLAND)

More black and Hispanic students enrolled at LSU this fall than at any other time in school history, an achievement the university credits to an expanded recruiting effort.

This fall’s black student enrollment of 3,054 students just barely eclipses the previous high of 3,035 set in 2002 but represents a 200-student increase over last year, according to LSU’s Office of Budget and Planning. LSU also saw Hispanic enrollment rise by 156 students this fall, increasing from 1,305 students compared with the previous high of 1,149 set last year.

LSU System President and Baton Rouge campus Chancellor William Jenkins framed those numbers in terms of expanding student access — one of the more popular concepts being discussed in higher education circles over the past several years.

“LSU is accomplishing the greater goal of reaching more of our state’s citizens,” Jenkins said.