Two for one

PRESIDENT AND CHANCELLOR: William Jenkins leads both the LSU System and the university’s main campus in Baton Rouge. (Photo By: Brian Baiamonte / Baton Rouge Business Report)

William Jenkins was promoted from LSU A&M chancellor to system president in 1999, serving briefly in both positions until Mark Emmert was hired to lead the flagship. In 2004, Jenkins stepped into the breach between Emmert’s departure and the hiring of Sean O’Keefe.

This year, Jenkins emerged from retirement to fill both jobs on an interim basis once again, after the board fired President John Lombardi and Chancellor Mike Martin left to become chancellor at Colorado State. When he returned in April, Jenkins only expected to be around for six months or so. But as summer turns to fall, there’s no end in sight yet for his latest tour of duty.

“There’s a finite time” that he will remain, Jenkins says. “This can’t take years and years.” But he’s committed to staying on until some major decisions have been made, possibly including the hiring of someone to fill both of his positions permanently.