LSU students collaborate with | The Times-Picayune on solutions for digital transition

Create Lab students Chris Carpenter and Kristen Hinton. (Photo courtesy Prentiss Darden) | The Times-Picayune has partnered with LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication in the search for digital solutions to the ever-changing media landscape.

Lance Porter, chair of the Manship Digital Media Initiative and associate professor at the school said eight students from across the campus will be putting together a project that focuses on The Times-Picayune’s transition from a print newspaper to a digital leader in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

The project, known as Create Lab, is designed so students can tackle real world problems within the media sphere in the learning environment provided by the media school, Porter said. The students won’t be receiving a grade for the yearlong, extra-curricular project but instead will be pitching their final product to editors at

“The Create Lab is part of a way to get students involved in actually making something while they’re here so they can start learning about digital media. We’re undergoing the largest business transition in history in terms of media, it’s a way to get students ahead of the curve,” Porter said.