Governor Bobby Jindal Announces the Appointment of Jim McCrery to the LSU Board of Supervisors

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced the appointment of Jim McCrery to the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors.

The goal of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Board of Supervisors is to provide leadership and support for the LSU System.  The board aids the LSU System in the development of intellectual and professional programs of instruction, research, and public service, works to increase opportunities for students, provides oversight for large contracts, and enhances services to the community and the state.

The board is composed of fifteen gubernatorial appointments which are subject to senate confirmation and one student member who serves a one year term. Members include: two members appointed from each congressional district and one member appointed from the state at-large serving six year terms.

Jim McCrery, of Shreveport, is a partner with Capitol Counsel, LLC. Prior to joining Capitol Counsel, McCrery served nearly 21 years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. McCrery received his law degree from Louisiana State University. McCrery will be appointed to serve as a representative of the 4th Congressional District, as required by statute.