Faculty Advisors

The LSU System Council of Faculty Advisors was created in accordance with a recommendation by the System Council of Chief Academic Officers to serve as a liaison between the LSU System Office and the faculties of the campuses that comprise the system. The Council will communicate to the LSU System, through the Office of the President, the views and concerns of the faculties on system-wide matters regarding the academic and professional policies of the system. The Council will also serve to advise the President of the LSU System and the LSU Board of Supervisors on matters that they wish to bring before the Council.
PM-24 further defines the Council of Faculty Advisors.


Dr. Kevin L. Cope, Chair of the Council
Professor of English and Member, Program in Comparative Literature
President, LSU Faculty Senate
Louisiana State University [Baton Rouge]

Mary Jarzabek
Instructor of Communications
Louisiana State University in Shreveport

Dr. Dianne Sasser
Professor in Human Ecology
LSU Agricultural Center

Dr. Jennifer Rood
Professor of Clinical Chemistry
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Dr. James Robinson
Professor of Sociology
President, LSUE Faculty Senate
LSU at Eunice

Dr. Elizabeth Elder
Professor of Biological Sciences
LSU at Alexandria

Dr. Scott Rubin
Associate Professor in Communications Disorders
LSUHSC in New Orleans

Dr. Tammy Dugas
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
LSUHSC in Shreveport