Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in applying for a LSU Board of Supervisors Scholarship.  In accordance with the Scholarship Regulations, please complete the application form attached.  Upon completion, submit the completed form to the Office of Student Financial Aid on the campus where you are enrolling or are enrolled.  The financial aid office will complete the application and forward to the Board of Supervisors office.

Once an application is received by the Board of Supervisors office it will be maintained for the entirety of the academic year.  At any time during a semester an LSU Board of Supervisors member may award a scholarship to an applicant.   Should an award be made, it will be processed and recipients will be notified in writing.  However, there is no assurance that any particular applicant will receive an award or whether an award will be made before an enrollment deadline.

Please note that students who are awarded a TOPS Scholarship are not eligible to receive an LSU Board of Supervisors’ Scholarship.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Office of the LSU Board of Supervisors

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