Long-Term Disability Benefits

Innovative Plan Features to Protect You
To ensure you have the protection you need in the event of a disability, the following benefits and services are included in LTD coverage through The Hartford.

  • Recurrent Disability

This benefit gives you the ability to return to work without worrying about restrictions should your disability relapse.  If you return to work and become disabled again due to the same sickness or injury within six months, you will not have to satisfy a new waiting period in order to receive LTD benefits.

  • Waiver of Premium

If you become totally disabled and are receiving benefits under the policy, your premiums are waived.  Keep in mind you must continue to pay premiums during the waiting period.

  • Work Incentive Benefit

This benefit is intended to facilitate a comfortable and productive return to work.  For up to 12 months after you return to work, your disability benefits plus your salary may equal 100% of your pre-disability earnings.

  • Survivor Benefit

If you were to die after satisfying the benefit waiting period or after receiving a disability benefit, the same benefit is paid to your beneficiary for three months.

  • Catastrophic Disability Benefit

If you become disabled to the extent that you cannot take care of yourself (feeding, bathing, toileting, transferring, incontinence and/or dressing), The Hartford will increase your monthly benefit by 10%.  More importantly, this additional benefit will not be adjusted for other sources of income.  In addition, The Hartford will provide training and respite services for the family member who is serving as your care provider.

  • Social Security Assistance

When necessary, The Hartford will provide an advocate to help you apply for and secure Social Security disability benefits.  The Hartford will then coordinate benefits with Social Security payments. Please contact Social Security directly to determine your benefit eligibility by calling 1-800-772-1213. You may also view the Plan Document for more information.

Is There a Benefit for Mental Health or Substance Above Disabilities?  Upon satisfying the waiting period, benefits are payable for mental health or substance abuse claims for 24 months.  Confinement in a hospital or institution licensed to provide care and treatment for mental illness will not be counted as part of the mental health limitation.