Permanent Memoranda (PMs) represent policies of the Louisiana State University System. Along with the By-Laws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors, they are binding on all institutions of the System.

PMs address policy issues that are of a system-wide character and are established for the purpose of System administrative governance. PMs may implement or interpret laws, rules and regulations, and reflect LSU System policies.

The LSU System takes care to assure that Permanent Memoranda, when issued, are in compliance with then applicable controlling laws, rules, regulations and policies. However, it is recognized that changes in such laws, rules, regulations and policies may result in all or a portion of a PM becoming incorrect or outdated until necessary revision is made. In such cases, those portions of Permanent Memoranda that are contrary to or in conflict with any controlling law, rule, regulation or policy are superseded. To the extent that the remainder of a Permanent Memoranda is unaffected by a change in controlling laws, rules, regulations or policies, the remaining portion of the PM will remain valid and in effect (unless the PM itself states otherwise). PMs do not grant rights to any party.

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