Students & Parents

Welcome to the LSU System. We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to continue your education, and are honored that you’re considering one of our outstanding universities. Our collective higher education system includes:

  • LSU-Eunice, regarded as one of the best two-year colleges in Louisiana.
  • LSU-Alexandria, the premier four-year bachelor degree granting university in central Louisiana.
  • LSU-Shreveport, a prestigious four-year bachelor degree campus with selected Masters and Doctoral programs.
  • LSU, the state’s flagship campus and nationally and internationally recognized for outstanding faculty and research.

The LSU System has the ideal match that combines your academic skills and career aspirations with one of our leading centers of education. The LSU System of higher education has been recognized regionally, nationally and internationally as one of the America’s premier centers of higher learning and advanced research. We look forward to your enrollment contributing to our community of student scholars.

The LSU System is an education powerhouse. That means national and international exposure, cutting-edge labs and programs, professors who work at the vanguard of their fields, and students who actively study alongside them. This means serious experience, wide-ranging fieldwork and a résumé loaded with significant know-how. Our commitment to undergraduate education begins in the classroom and extends far beyond. Student learning takes place, in most cases, in small classes and seminars, research labs and field projects. Our distinguished faculty takes a personal interest in your academic success.

The LSU System’s communities of student scholars are engaging. In addition to participating in research projects, many have internships and spend semesters abroad. They participate in student government or one of hundreds of student organizations, ranging from student government to Greek life, and compete in everything from Division I athletics to intramural sports. Hundreds participate in community service projects, start their own business, are members of honor societies, graduate summa cum laude, enroll in graduate school and go on to live rich and rewarding lives.

Our graduates are critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. They’re confident, flexible and eager to be challenged. They find careers in a range of fields such as law and medicine, finance and economics, landscape architecture and urban planning, international relations and public policy, broadcasting and advertising, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as nursing and teaching. The breadth and depth of our academic offerings is truly exceptional. It means you will be able to explore your academic interest, whether it’s sports management, psychology, mass communication or computer animation. We are confident our more than 85 bachelor degree programs will meet your expectations.

To fully appreciate our campuses and our philosophy of student-centered education, I encourage you to visit our campuses and meet with our faculty, staff and current students. Take a campus tour, attend a class, eat in our dining commons and check out the residence halls. You will find an environment full of energy and excitement, a campus full of smart people, weird people, geniuses, artists, athletes, politicians and students —people just like you— full of aspiration and inspiration.

Welcome and if I can be of personal assistance do not hesitate to email me at


Mike Gargano Chief of Staff

Vice President for Student and Academic Support Services

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