Property & Facilities

The Office of the Vice President for Property, Facilities and Administration is responsible for the LSU System capital planning, financing, design and construction processes for all university campuses, agricultural research and experiment stations, hospitals and professional health care schools.

Specifically, the Office of the Vice President for Property, Facilities and Administration:

  • Prepares all property and facilities issues submitted to the LSU Board of Supervisors.
  • Manages the System’s annual capital outlay budget request process and prepares a system-wide, five-year plan for submission to the Louisiana Board of Regents.
  • Supervises the leasing and property development functions within the LSU System, including leases of university property, leases of property by university units, research and technology parks, mineral leases, and similar transactions.

Supervision of all long-term capital financing by campuses, including bond issues, lease purchases and third-party agreements are also among responsibilities.