Work Group on Organization and Collaboration

Work Group Established

LSU Board Chairman Ben Mount, at the board’s October 21, 2011 meeting, announced formation of the LSU System Work Group on Organization and Collaboration.

Here is the text of the Chairman’s Report by Mr. Mount taken from the Minutes of the meeting:

Chairman Mount announced that he and President Lombardi have appointed a Work Group on Organization and Collaboration, and informed the Board to-wit:

“The Work Group will advise the Board and President on steps that should and can be taken to achieve cohesive and comprehensive organizational mechanisms to maximize effective use of resources available, and improve the competitive effectiveness of LSU units relative to best national practices in higher education and health care. This includes the consolidation and integration of administrative functions; the maximization of teaching, research and outreach performance; and all other measures that can produce effective and efficient collaboration among the units of the LSU System. The Work Group will also evaluate opportunities for collaborative initiatives with entities outside the LSU System. In addition, the Work Group will evaluate proposals by others to achieve similar objectives.

The following Board Members serve as the initial members of the Work Group, but all members are invited to participate:

  • Blake Chatelain
  • Hank Danos
  • John George
  • Ray Lasseigne
  • James Moore
  • Ben Mount

President Lombardi has designated the Vice-Presidents of Student and Academic Support, Academic Affairs, and Healthcare and Medical Education, and the General Counsel and himself, as initial members.  The campuses and other system staff will assist in this endeavor as called upon. Mr. Hank Danos, board Chairman-elect, will serve as the Work Group Leader.”

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