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LSU Health Care Services DivisionThe LSU Health Care Services Division’s (LSUHCSD) seven public hospitals in South Louisiana combined with three other hospitals operated by LSU Health Shreveport as well as 500 physician clinics throughout the state embody the high value of LSU Health as a highly coordinated, quality health care delivery system in Louisiana.

It is through LSU Health, LSUHCSD, and LSU Health Shreveport that patient access to medical services, especially for the uninsured or underinsured, is maintained.  LSU’s physicians and other medical professionals, despite repeated funding cuts in recent years, are sustaining that dedication to quality health care.

Just as important is the fact that LSU operates the only Level 1 Trauma Centers in Louisiana, one in New Orleans and another in Shreveport.  Soon LSU will open a third Level 1 Trauma Center in partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge. 

LSU hospitals and clinics in 2011 began the deployment of what will be the first and largest statewide public electronic health records system in the United States when completed within the next year.

LSUHCSD Hospitals

Currently, LSU Health, including LSUHCSD, employs more than 14,000 people, operates 1,897 licensed hospital beds, and for 2011 reported 54,155 inpatient admissions, 1.7 million outpatient encounters, and 1.1 million clinic visits.

LSUHCSD disease management programs have been nationally recognized, particularly for primary care, patient safety, asthma, diabetes, cancer screening, heart disease, HIV, tobacco cessation, chronic kidney disease, weight management and hypertension.  These programs have demonstrated that prevention and continued patient monitoring has saved tens of millions of dollars in treating patients with these high-cost, high-morbidity, high-mortality diseases, outcomes that frequently match or exceed outcomes in other Louisiana hospitals, including private institutions.

LSU hospitals also serve as teaching hospitals for the thousands of LSU health care professionals annually in training at facilities that comprise Louisiana’s safety-net system where everyone is eligible for care, regardless of their ability to pay.