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Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans

LSUHSC New OrleansLouisiana State University Health Science Center at New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO) is a specialized regional, selective admissions institution providing education, research, and public service through direct patient care and community outreach.  Located in Southern Louisiana, LSUHSC-NO serves the State, region and the nation.  A diverse student body comprises college graduates seeking graduate and professional education, college undergraduates completing bachelor degree programs, and health care professionals enrolling in continuing education courses. LSUHSC-NO educational programs prepare students for in demand careers as health care professionals, and biomedical scientists, reducing the shortage of key health care professionals in Louisiana, especially in underserved areas.

LSUHSC-N0 concentrates on first professional and graduate level programs as well as Bachelor of Science programs related to the health sciences. LSUHSC-NO comprises the Schools of Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. LSUHSC-NO is an interdisciplinary community of scholars that nurtures and recognizes excellence and scholarship in teaching and education. Technology is used to enhance student learning and increase interdisciplinary experiences.  The Isidore Cohn, MD, Learning Center has some of the most advanced patient simulation technology available today.  The Center conducts team performance training with the full complement of teaching hospital operating room health care professionals – surgeons, anesthesiologists, scrub nurses, circulating nurses, and residents, as well as medical and nursing student.  The Health Sciences Center disseminates and advances knowledge through State and national programs of basic and clinical research, resulting in publications, technology transfer, and related economic enhancements to meet the changing needs of the State of Louisiana and the nation

Categorized as an SREB Specialized Institution, LSUHSC-NO provides vital public service through direct patient care, including care of indigent and uninsured patients. Health care services are provided through LSUHSC-NO clinics in allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, and in numerous affiliated hospitals and clinics throughout Louisiana.  LSUHSC-NO provides referral services, continuing education, and information relevant to the public health of the citizens of Louisiana. In addition, LSUHSC-NO works cooperatively with two Area Health Education Centers, whose programs focus on improving the number and distribution of health care providers in underserved rural and urban areas of Louisiana and on supporting existing rural health care providers through continuing education programs. LSUHSC-NO works collaboratively with other universities and medical institutions in region-wide projects. Projects include the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium, the Louisiana Gene Therapy Research Consortium, New Orleans BioInnovation Center, The Clinical and Translational Research, Education, and Commercialization Project, the Research Institute for Children, and the Louisiana Cancer Control Partnership.