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Pennington Biomedical Research CenterThe Pennington Biomedical Research Center is a campus of the Louisiana State University System. The mission of the Center is to promote healthier lives through research and education in the areas of nutrition and preventive medicine. The Center’s strategy is to address nutrition and other determinants of health at the cellular, molecular, genetic, physiological, behavioral and environmental levels.  The Center’s ultimate goal is to prevent common diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, dementia and cancer so that people can live healthier and fuller lives.

The Center has basic discovery programs, as well as validation and developmental programs that are based on model organisms, human studies, and clinical trials. The research programs focus on 10 areas: Epidemiology and Prevention, Physical Activity and Health, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Neurodegeneration, Genomics and Molecular Genetics, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology, Neurobiology, and Nutrient Sensing and Signaling. Researchers in these areas use the latest molecular, physiological, clinical, behavioral, and computational technologies. The Center also has a Division of Education, which coordinates the Center’s postdoctoral programs and training grants, the Pennington Scientific Symposia series, as well as seminars and education programs to engage the public and provide educational outreach.

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center is committed to increasing its activity in intellectual property disclosures, patent applications and licensing agreements with the goal of becoming a major force in technology transfer and the development of technology-based companies. It is also involved in a variety of education initiatives whose purpose is the dissemination of knowledge to improve health and quality of life, and reduce the burden of diseases among the citizens of Louisiana and the nation.  For example, as part of its statewide mission, the Center has created a comprehensive report card on children’s health in Louisiana, and has focused the attention on potential solutions to address the serious concerns posed by the high prevalence of physical inactivity, obesity and diabetes in youth.  The Center’s leadership in collaboration with Louisiana’s medical schools and other campuses with health sciences related programs has created a statewide network whose aim is to foster more and better clinical research in Louisiana and to increase translational activities for the benefit of patients and the general population. This network is known as LaCATs, the Louisiana Clinical and Translational Science Center.