LSU System Information

Overview of the LSU System

Economic Impact

The LSU System is one of Louisiana’s key economic engines with a multi-billion dollar annual statewide impact.

The Baton Rouge campus alone estimates its annual economic impact on the Capitol City region at more than $1.2 billion, including $680 million in salaries and wages.  LSU is directly and indirectly responsible for more than 21,000 jobs in the nine parishes that make up the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. 

LSU institutions create jobs in communities across the state and that translates into higher incomes and a greater production of goods and services for local households and businesses, especially in furnishing operating supplies and services.

In 2011, Louisiana public post-secondary institutions awarded a total of 30,555 degrees.  The LSU System accounted for 10,102 or 33 percent of all the degrees awarded.  In the most recent reporting period, public, post-secondary institutions in Louisiana awarded 5,767 advanced degrees (Masters, Doctoral, Professional). The LSU System awarded 2,851 or 49 percent of all advanced degrees.