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Overview of the LSU System

LSU First Health Plan and other employee benefits programs

The LSU System, through its Benefits Administration Office, is responsible for and administers comprehensive and progressive employee benefits programs, to serve all levels of the university system and its employees.  The office also provides training and communications regarding all LSU System benefit plans.

LSU System Health Plan

The LSU System Health Plan, known as LSU First, is a consumer-directed, self-insured plan for LSU and other eligible participants.  It is designed to help plan members to be informed purchasers of health care.

The System Benefits Administration Office oversees claims administration, management of medical and pharmacy benefits, medical care management services, and a broad range of provider networks, providing access to quality healthcare with an emphasis on cost-effective preventive care.

Since its creation by the LSU System in 2002, LSU First enrollment has grown to more than 13,000 employees (approximately 26,000+ plan members).

The plan is financially sound and plan reserves are maintained to provide a contingency fund for future liabilities.

Plan Revenues and Expenses

(LSU First recently converted from a July through June Plan Year to a January through December Plan Year)

Month/Year Revenues (Actual) Recoveries1 Claims Paid Other Expenses2
Plan Year 2010 – 2011





Plan Year July-Dec. 2011





Plan Year 2012
   (through April 30, 2012)





  1. Includes pharmacy rebates and stop-loss reimbursements
  2. Includes administrative fees and stop loss premium

Voluntary Benefits Programs
In addition to administering LSU First, the System Benefits Administration Office is directly responsible for selection and administration of several system-wide voluntary benefits programs for employees of LSU institutions.  These voluntary benefits programs are financed entirely by employee contributions and include:
Voluntary Group Insurance Plans

Voluntary 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plans

Flexible Benefits Plan

For insurance products, the System Benefits Administration Office conducts competitive solicitations to select the best coverage for the best price, negotiates contracts on a system-wide basis that protect both the LSU System and its employees, and provides ongoing oversight.
For the Flexible Benefits Plan and 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plans, the LSU System is responsible as plan administrator for conduct of these programs in compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements, including tax laws and regulations.  Through a competitive process, the LSU System selects the vendors allowed to offer plans to faculty and employees throughout the university system.
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