Lombardi responds to LSU Shreveport merger report

LSU System President John Lombardi responded Thursday to rumors of a merger between LSU Shreveport and Louisiana Tech University that have risen after a report was released suggesting the combination.

The report came from Eva Klein & Associates, a consulting company with the mission to “support the success of higher education institutions.” Klein emphasized when she released the report that it was merely composed of recommendations, but Lombardi’s e-mail took a different tone.

“The consultant report promoting a merger of LSUS and Louisiana Tech issued recently represents that a reorganization is likely to place authority for all LSU units on the LSU A&M campus and consolidate the various units into that campus in Baton Rouge,” Lombardi wrote.

While Klein’s report focused on ways to enhance LSUS and its surrounding community, Lombardi countered it in his e-mail with the system’s plan of a “Work Group” that will explore reorganizations to “enhance the success” of individual system units.

Klein’s report suggested that if the two merge, they should move under the University of Louisiana System, where La. Tech is currently housed. If LSUS did join the UL System, it would be the second LSU system institution to do so in the last year; the University of New Orleans left the LSU System for UL in December.

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