5 LSU-Alexandria students’ literary works accepted to conferences

Five student writers from LSU Alexandria have had works accepted for presentation at academic conferences in April.

David Humphrey, a communication studies major from Chicago, and Anna Heaven Smith, a history major from Jonesville, will be presenting at the New Critics Undergraduate Literature and Composition Conference at the State University of New York, Oneonta, NY.

They are scheduled to present on April 21. Humphrey’s paper is “Analyzing Ovid: Debunking the Myths of the Self-Appointed Preceptor of Love” and Smith’s work is titled “A Response to Poem 14 of Book 3 of The Amores.”

Susan Coward, an English major from Shreveport, Faith Normand, an English major from Alexandria, and Thomas Morvant, a history major from Alexandria, will be presenting at the Texas Tech University for Undergraduate Research Conference in San Marcos, Texas.

They are scheduled to present April 16-20. Cowart’s essay is “Ovid’s Amores: Passion Uncovered.” Normand’s essay is titled “Bullets or Life: Ovid’s Story of Rape and Revenge in the Ars Amatoria” and Morvant’s work is “Ovid and Abortion.”


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